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We provide hot meals to families who need them. We feed the whole family, a healthy meal, once a week, delivered to their door.
Our guiding principle is: No Fuss – No Forms – No Referrals … Just Food for Families who need it.
Kymee Cleasby was inspired to start Love Marlborough Kids Meals by England player Marcus Rashford’s campaign to feed children missing out on school meals over the summer. “I completely agreed with him and began thinking about all the companies that were making large redundancies and all of the people who have never been in that situation before and not part of the welfare system,” she said. “I heard of families who had slipped through the net for one reason or another. I had a feeling that there were other families missing out, and so I began asking around.
“I heard about one family living on baked beans for two weeks, which struck a chord with me. I come from a deprived background and I can remember eating baked beans for the whole of one summer. That was in the 70s, it shouldn’t be happening now. I heard of another family wondering how they could split a jar of hot dogs with their neighbour, also in need…”
This pandemic has changed the lives of so many people, their employment crumbling away, out of their control. Time for the rest of us to step up. Love Marlborough, an initiative by St Mary’s Church, immediately embraced the idea of providing hot meals to kids that need them. A whole team of volunteers have committed to cooking and delivering. Those who are front facing the public are DBS checked, and cooks follow strict Covid rules, to ensure safety for everyone.
Marlborough people are amazing and very community-minded, and people have come forward to volunteer in numbers we really were not expecting. Everyone understands the need, in spite of Marlborough’s prosperous image, we have communities struggling with the same deprivation as other towns, just not as visible, until you begin to look for it.
It is important that we make no judgement of those who come for help. We don’t use any criteria to decide who gets fed because we don’t want anyone to feel they can’t come forward. We won’t tell anyone else about their situation and we won’t ask them to prove they need help. We want to reach all the families in this area who are in need of help.

No Fuss – No Forms – No Referrals … just meals for families who need them.


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Part of the Marlborough Anglican Team Initiative

'Love Marlborough Kids Meals' is part of the 'Love Marlborough' initiative created by the Marlborough Anglican Team with the intention of bringing hope in difficult times.